January 31, 2022

Future of Polygon; Escalation with Zero-Knowledge

Okereke Innocent

This article focuses on how the future of the Polygon network is moving towards Zero-Knowledge proofs.

Polygon's network has increased in popularity than it was a few years back due to its largely-widely accepted adoption. It was formerly known as MATIC network and still has its token named MATIC, the same as its formerly-known name - MATIC.

In its launching in 2017, it was apparent it ushered in waves of incredible scaling protocols that will revolutionize the Ethereum network. Little wonder, several users, including experts, refer to the Polygon as the "blockchain internet of Ethereum."

Polygon focuses on creating blockchains that will be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, increasing the scalability of blockchains. To fulfill this, the network has incorporated ZK technology.

Before we delve deeper into Polygon's vision and how ZK technology plays a role, here is what to know about Polygon. Enjoy

Polygon in a Minute

Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network that will help to enhance transaction processing speed and reduce transaction gas fees.

The Polygon network serves as a blockchain protocol framework that will allow the development of other blockchains compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

The way Polygon is structured is such that it allows for interoperability within networks, that is, the effective communication between two blockchains. With this, it's easier for newly developed blockchains to communicate with the mother blockchain {ethereum blockchain}.

That said, the Polygon network works based on plasma technology. The plasma technology is a protocol consensus that reduces gas fees and acts fraud-proof. The plasma technology checks for the authenticity of transactions off-chains then sends the validated transaction to the blockchain.

Not only these, but Polygon also works on the Proof-of-Stake mechanism that allows for leveraging consensus depending on the staked tokens or funds. Essentially, all blockchain on the Polygon network function on the Proof-of-Stake mechanisms.

Although Polygon has an array of benefits to offer users, it's still looking to make advancements of the following infrastructures:

Optimistic Roll-Ups

This layer-2 infrastructure will work as a based proof system, and it will validate transactions offline then send them to the mother network.

The Polygon Plasma

The Polygon plasma is also a layer-2 based infrastructure that will serve as a framework for building dApps off the chain, benefiting from Ethereum's blockchain structure.

Valid Chain Solutions

Quite similar to the ZK roll-ups in that it carries out transactions off-chain, but it's different from the ZK roll-up in that it keeps data of transactions off the chain entirely.

Stand Alone Chains

Stand-Alone chains go by their names and will "stand-alone" because their validators secure them. These chains are named "sovereign side chains," only connect to the mother blockchain, "Ethereum blockchain," via bridges.

ZK Roll-Up

ZK means "Zero-Knowledge," It is a layer-2 solution that will validate transactions offline and send the result to the main blockchain. In cases of a fraudulent block, this solution will submit the proof of fraud to the leading network, and the submission of the invalid transaction will automatically invalidate the transaction.

Considering all these upgradeable infrastructures, the Polygon will produce groundbreaking solutions. However, since we focus on the ZK Roll up, we'll treat that separately.

Polygon ZK Day

The Polygon ZK day event was on the 9th of December in partnership with ETHGLOBAL. The tour lasted for about four hours, announcing a $400 Million deal to support the demo of new scaling solutions and ZK startups.

Seeing that the Polygon network is so bullish depending on the future of ZK, the company has committed a whopping sum of 1 billion to the related efforts.

The ZK day is to improve on Polygon's ZK technologies. In improving Polygon's ZK technologies, the company will be advancing the processes of zero-knowledge systems.

Three advancements are expected to occur on ZK technologies:

Polygon Hermez

Polygon Hermez is the integration of the Hermez network into the Polygon space. Hermez is a prominent cryptography-based ZK scaling project. The integration of the project will provide Polygon with the feature of the EVM compatibility solution. EVM compatibility solution is a standard for blockchain development, and it is a significant feature in Hermez. Consequently, EVM compatibility will be incorporated into Polygon.

Also, the Polygon Hermez will allow for easy swapping of tokens between Hermez and Polygon networks. The swapping of tokens between both networks will create a space for only Polygon tokens. This way, security is enhanced on the network, rewards increase, and other functional utilities. The ratio of swapping between both networks is 3.5 MATIC: 1 HEZ.

Polygon Nightfall

Polygon nightfall is another exciting advancement in Polygon ZK technologies. Polygon nightfall is a cost-effective route of transaction conduction in the Polygon space.

The inspiration behind the development of Polygon nightfall is the challenge of high gas fees in the Ethereum space. The high gas fee on the Ethereum space occurs due to the high number of transactions, and Polygon nightfall will ensure low gas fees associated with transactions.

That said, the importance of Polygon nightfall in the Zero-Knowledge system is privacy and massive processing of transactions.

Polygon Maiden

Finally, Polygon Maiden, a STARK-based ZK roll-up, will be solving challenges with ZK roll-ups. The challenge with ZK roll-ups is the failure to support arbitrary logic and transaction. That invariably led to the re-execution of transactions and the hidden identity of some transactions.

Polygon maiden will solve these challenges by applying its maiden VM(virtual machine) feature. The maiden VM, which is STARK-based, will support arbitrary logic and transactions. Consequently, it is easy to execute transactions in space.

Wrapping Up

Polygon ZK assures extraordinary services by developing incredible projects to align with their goals. Moreover, Polygon will not delay splashing any amount to build their services. So, we're confident of the developments we are vouching on.

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