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    Before reaching out to Blockapex Labs, you must have prior knowledge about token economy and your business model. There must be a real use-case/utility of your project, upon which we will devise the token structure, financial model and incentivization plan. If your only motivation is to make money, then we might not be the best fit for you.

    Yes. When it comes to smart contracts security, we believe that it is our solemn duty to dispense protection against threats and malice. For this, Blockapex Labs has partnered up with a company named BlockApex which specializes in auditing smart contracts, eradicating every possible vulnerability.

    Blockapex Labs has partnered up with a company named Expedite Design  that can help you with their expertise in designing user-centric blockchain products. The team consists of designers with technical knowledge which helps them understand the web3 industry better.

    We work in three models:

    1. Fiat - Total cost is paid in USDs or stable coins.

    2. Fiat + Token - Total cost is paid in a ratio of fiat and tokens. The ratio percentage is mutually agreed upon before onboarding the project.

    3. Token Equity - Blockapex Labs gets the token allocation from the project token. The percentage and vesting are mutually agreed upon before kicking off the project.

    Any projects which involve: insurance, betting, gambling, time-bound/fixed rewards staking, adult content.

    Blockapex Labs understands the market dynamics and company development cycle. We aim to actively facilitate early stage startups in this evolving industry to develop disruptive products, grow adoption and ultimately scale a sustainable business. We follow a separate startup friendly compensation model in such arrangements.

    Once we are done with an introductory call, we will align our technical team to go through the reconnaissance phase. In which, we will do a detailed analysis of the requirements and proof of concept if required. After that, we will provide you with a quotation.

    Yes! Blockapex Labs believes in co-opetition and co-operation over competition. We cherish and foster synergies Irrespective of the monetary benefits to achieve a common end goal in web 3. Blockapex Labs has been a development/technology partner for several companies since its inception.

    We onboard projects whose founders and ideas bring us to the edge of our seats. Once we’re brought in privy of your idea, we will propose continuous improvements alongside competitive strategies with complete conviction and ownership. Our team culture is very unique inherently making us versatile and multidisciplinary. We believe in commitments and have a precedence of on time deliveries.

    We understand that it’s hard to get unique ideas in this space. However, we want to let you know that we believe in a karmic business principle. Once you connect with us, we can instantly send you an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that will legally bind us to maintain confidentiality of any disclosed information.

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